Intentions for future posts

By Shilpa

I intend to write (and organise others to contribute) more over time, as and when I can. Here are some ideas for planned posts. If you would particularly like to see any of these posts or have an idea for another topic that would be helpful for your work, please comment or email with your thoughts.

  1. The theory and methods behind the Akashi project’s work
  2. Lessons we learnt from the project’s successes, shortcomings and mistakes and what we would do differently in today’s context
  3. More information about Cambridge Carbon Footprint’s history, the perspectives of Ro and Andy about Akashi and how they used learning from the Akashi project in their subsequent work, especially in the Carbon Conversations project
  4. How learning from Akashi has shaped projects that Shilpa and others have been involved in over the last ten years and how the spirit of the work has developed and deepened over time
  5. Reflections from some of the project participants, ten years on
  6. Thoughts about effective and participative planning and evaluation process.
  7. Information about the training that we have delivered over the last ten years to share learning and support other environmental and community-based organisations to do similar. Including thoughts about intersectionality – how tackling race-based exclusion intersects with tackling structural inequality due to gender, disability, class, income, education, age, sexual orientation etc. What does working in solidarity really look like? How do we improve our social-change methods in ways which are systemic, not tokenistic?

blossom kewPhoto © Shilpa Shah


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